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Craig Martin Guitar
Adam Marsh Drums & Vocals
Russel Predabon Bass
John Sheepdog Guitar
Darren Jones Vocals

second line up
Russell patchett Bass
Carl Wogname Guitars
Sloth Monkey Drums

all old school metal as we first started around 1985 , so early motley crue ac/dc then a day at grog n flicks topped off with some early slayer exodus S.O.D and some mentors and lots of FOSTERS at pred’s chook shed and jebs hamburgers
Sounds Like:
tops old metal !!!

the morning after a night at the cactus club down ettalong beach listening to legs call my name it all started around ’85 when Craig met Adam thru a friend , Adam was drumming and singing in a band called black mamba, after a coupla months jaming we decided to change we name and get a new vocalist .. enter darren , AGGRESSA was born, this was late 86 we done 3 demo’s including the imfamous chook shed 4 track, first russel predabon left to go fly helicopters in came patchet we done a few shows at sutho,,,,, then we fucked off john then adam left to form Frozen Doberman, So we got sloth and carl and this is the line up that recoreded the nuclear death lp….(thats right folks VYNAL……….AGGRESSA played many gigs sutherland, st james tavern , petersham , the teachers club , seven hills inn plus many more that my brain has trouble remembering including winning the waggon wheels band competition in 1988.

After a dreaded trip to melbourne where Metallica qued up to see us.. carl wog name left the band to run away with his goth like homo’s painting his nails black and his skin white ….. he was last seen skipping down paddington somewhere, we got some poof to fill his place and the band imploded and theres more to come !!!!!

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