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A world cursed…
Hope lies sleeping…
Two forces lay claim to the remnant of humanity…
One man stands at a door and waits…
And now the storm awakens…
Making one final journey to the Stairs, to the old, rusted tower, Daniel hopes to end the line of the True Watchers. What was the point of coming there anyway?
Now, with his father dead, it was finally over – or so he thought.
Someone is stirring deep underground lost from memory and time. This is what the Whackers were meant to do: to wait for the ancient ones to emerge. Now Daniel must face them alone. Will they bring hope to a cursed world or do they spell disaster for Daniel and all he knows?


About the author

David J. Schipp lives in the south coast of New South Wales, Australia, with his beautiful wife and two lovely daughters.
“When the Storm Awakens” is his first novel.

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