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Eulogy were a Sydney based death metal / grindcore trio who were armed with all the essential characteristics of extreme music in the 90’s, however they also managed to introduce some quirky elements and a sense of underlying fun into the mayhem.
The boys readily admit that some of the songs had no actual lyrics written, but somehow the guttural screams and grunts would be the same each time the songs would be played.

Jason “Pooky” Carey
Jason discovered his passion for drumming and metal when he was about 16, and seemingly overnight his playing progressed at an unbelievable rate. Jason was able to execute double kicks at machine gun pace, and perform the infamous “blast beats”, and displayed a knack for improvised rolls throughout the songs. Jason was a big boy for his age and incredibly would also do the baritone death growl style vocals at the same time as he played the blast beat.

Reid “Pig” Gaffey
Reid was a trained audio technician, and a very technically proficient player in the traditional style of bass playing before he played in Eulogy. Diving head first into the ‘extreme’ ideal of the day, he tuned his bass down to a low B with plenty of distortion. The result was a rumbling earthquake underpinning the mayhem – yet executed with precision, and also showcasing some lead breaks on his bass.
Reid was the business man of the band, always keeping a brief case in his yellow panel van, ever ready to line up the recording sessions, artwork, tours and gigs. He was also the only band member capable of growing a moustache at that time. Reid also did “cancer of the throat” style vocals and brought a sense of humour on stage as the band spokesman.

Reid can proudly claim to have penned the lyric

“You obviously haven’t dabbled in the black arts as I have…”

Derek Turner
Long before the 7 string guitars became commercially available, Derek was running a low B with a floating tremolo. Derek specialised in delivering twisted, sleazy & barbaric riffing and flambouyant lead guitar solos with wicked vibrato. Multiple riffs and surging time changes were incorporated into each song. Derek also shared vocal duties to complete the triple assault.

The 3 piece format allowed the guys freedom to develop their own individual playing styles.

The boys appeared regularly at the Lewisham Hotel in Sydney, lined themselves up a couple of tours of Queensland and Victoria, and recorded 1 demo entitled “Permanent Disfigurement”

Please note – these tracks are ‘demo-tape’ quality only.
As such this demo is available at a special price

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