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FORMED: In the back of a squash court summer 1989 (be close to a good 15 years before MYSPACE) on the sunny Central Coast, NSW Australia. After many drunken jam sessions and getting a bit over hiring local halls and PA’s ..and freshly armed with a brand new BEER CAN DEMO, we marched down the F3 Freeway to gigs in Sydney with local metal/punk illuminaries, like MORTAL SIN, ADDICTIVE, WHITE TRASH, CROMOK, ARMOURED ANGEL, DETRIMENT, MASSIVE APPENDAGE, MASSAPPEAL and THE HARD ONS.

…lots of All-Age gigs and over 18 shows got us around the country a few times… including gigs at the ferocious Treasury Hotel in Brisbane. Lots of trips to Canberra, The Gong and Newcastle. Melbourne never really liked us, except the nice TARAMIS fella’s who always gave us shows, and probably beer as well.The drive to Adelaide was never, ever good – “I hate this bus” , we never got to Perth.
Believing wholeheartedly we were going to change the world of metal we released our first EP “DYING PHASE’ (1991) self funded.It was put together on a budget smaller than most of the pot deals we bought. It sold OK – it was on CASSETTE and VINYL only, (schweeet!) and was never repressed. We played our first festival – The (one off defunct) STEEL SPRING FESTIVAL with gaylords like ROXUS – at least WHITE TRASH were there to save the day, despite attempts by some to put petrol in a diesel bus.1991 also saw us support MOTORHEAD on the 1916 (without doubt their worst album) TOUR at the now deceased GOLD COAST PLAYROOM. It went down in local folklore for a few reasons, not because we played, but MOTORHEAD only played about 5 songs and walked off pissed at the dumb crowd who threw cans at them, we were left with their rider..we drank till oblivion..trashed their dressing room, almost got our arse kicked by management and high tailed back to Sydney with stupid arsed grins on our faces. Our management was contacted, threats may have been made, deals probably done. We chose to move on. We never did play there again.

1992 we got to play with SEPULTURA at the Hordern Pavillion on the ARISE TOUR, we also played METALFEST, another one off festival (we seemed to be good at playing them) with ALLEIGANCE, TUMBLEWEED, MORTALITY, and a host of OZ metal bands. 1993 saw us play with METALLICA, well kind of…, we played 2 nights in the foyer of the Ent Centre in Sydney through a vocal PA. Kind of a weird scenario and its odd how many people remember seeing it. We were stoked regardless.We also did these shows with PRESTO (ex-SLAUGHTER LORD), another great Sydney band.

These we also the heady days of great ROCK CLUBS like the COBRA CLUB (FAITH NO MORE played the REAL THING TOUR there) and there simply are clubs run in that format any more. They had these THURSDAY METAL NIGHTS that alternated between the THRASH Night and the GLAM night. It was a great vibe ROB HALFORD (JUDA’S PRIEST) was out with his new band FIGHT and once tried to hit on our drummer…ha ha…THE BAD BRAINS were there one night as well, Adam still has photos of them playing with all our gear just before we played…
LEWISHAM HOTEL, SEVEN HILLS HOTEL, lots of long gone venues…SPRINGFIELDS!!!1994 we finally released our debut Album BONSAI and did our last full National tour. Well after about 6 years…what started with laughter, ended in tears and soon after our drummer was replaced with JASON from local Central Coast pub greats DAMAGED GOODS. That same year,1995 we recorded and released our last EP, BEAUTIFUL DAY and did some of our last interstate shows. Towards the end of 1996, or maybe 1997, with almost a full album of new and probably by far our best songs we put the ole’ dog down. Adam and Reddo still owe me a burn of that ‘Last’ CD Demo. We only played a handful of those songs live too. I wouldn’t mind hearing them. If only we had Myspace in 1991!!!! We do however, have nice scrap books.

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