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Giraffes Casino is a band with visions beyond ordinary philosophies.

Each song tells a different story with a multi dimensional range of topics covered. Musically each song is uniquely structured with intricate riffs and harmonious versatile melodies.

Variations covered in Giraffes Casinos music reflect their thoughts and views on many facets of life.

Comical and thought provoking lyrics have been known to trigger lateral thinking and enhance attitudes of open mindedness.

The infinite combinations of life’s infrastructure have inspired Giraffes Casino to become what they are today.

Each song is a novel in a library of world class entertainment

Name: Tommy Spillane

D.O.B: Born and raised in Cronulla, Sydney in 1980

About Tommy: Tommy had always loved music. At 13 he started to learn drums but his parents told him they would never allow a drum kit into their house.

At 14 his sisters boyfriend at the time had an extensive range of different alternative music. He copied tape full of Primus and told Tommy to listen to it.

In awe of what was going on Tommy found out that that noise was bass. Les Claypool (Primus’ bass player and front man) had an innovative style like no one else.

Bass is what Tommy wanted to play. For his 15th birthday he went halves with his parents in his first cheap bass and amp and has never looked back.

With further inspirations from John Fisher from Fishbone, Robert Trujillio from Suicidal Tendencies/Infectious Grooves, Flea, Billy Gould from Faith No More, Doug Wimbish from Living Colour and Tommy’s bass teacher Tony Roach to name a few, he went on to create his own style from these influences.

Tommy joined Giraffes Casino in mid 2003 adding his own element of style to give Giraffes Casino the tight, odd and unique sound it has today.

Name: Jeffro Petersen

D.O.B: Born 04/02/67 in Manly, NSW Australia

About Jeff: His hometown is Cronulla, Sydney. Jeffs mother Karen Petersen was performing in the stage musical ‘Hair’ when Jeff was 4. His father, Wolfgang Graesse was a well recognised German artist (link to picture). Thus Jeffs interest in music began at an early age.

At the age of 13 Jeff picked up his mums acoustic and started singing songs from Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar, Godspell and even Tommy. Soon Jeff became interested in early British metal bands, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. This combination was influencing Jeffs guitar playing and song writing.

More influence manifested when Jeff became interested in music from artists like Sheila Chandra, Ravi Shanka and other Middle Eastern influences. By the late eighties-early nineties Jeff had a few songs up his sleeve and started experimenting with other musicians.

As Jeffs music world grew so did his fascination with magicians, carnivals, circus clowns and Vegas gambling. This had a major influence into the music Jeff wrote and performed.

Jeff worked thru the nineties to forge what is now known as Giraffes Casino. Giraffes Casino, born under a world of influence.

Jeff sees Giraffes Casino as more than just a band but an entity in itself, a concept of limitless ideas expressed thru music and stage acts.

Jeff is currently studying card magic and in between gigs is entertaining audiences with card Miracles. Just lately this card magic has begun to merge with the music for instance in the song Roulette, Jeff pulls cards from thin air over and over.

Name: Peter Graham

About Peter: Peter in primary school lied to his school mates and told them he had a drum kit and was in a band (he was destined to play drums)

Pete paid his dues in the eighties playing the punk scene in the inner city gigs (Sydney and Melbourne).

He left Australia to find fame and fortune in England.

Pete played in and around the London scene for a few years but the excesses of rock and roll dictated and Pete had to come home to recover. Pete played in many bands when he came home.

Petes drumming style is punk/ old school rhythm and blues. His musical influences very diverse from the Buzzcocks to Tom Jones to The Pixies and everything in between.

Pete says, “I love being part of the engine room of Giraffes. It allows me to use all of my armory, they are all over the musical shop.”

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