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Shane Piercy – bass
Mark Finch – vocals, drum programming
Warren Sardelich – guitar, vocals, drum programming

Warren Sardelich’s personal account of MACHINERY

My time in Machinery.. Shit, where do I begin?

Well, let’s not bother with the basic ‘Bio’ stuff. The guitar, bass and drum machine tracks for this demo album where recorded in 4 hours at an unmentionable location. (I basically scammed the time for it.) Shane and I just got in there and smashed it out, and all things considered, we were quite happy with the results.

Machinery were gigging pretty solidly at the time, Lewisham Hotel being our regular haunt. We had a show up at Newcastle that didn’t go down too well. (Drum machine band was not ‘Cool’?) However, on our way home we stopped off at my parent’s holiday house at a place called Gwandalan.

I distinctly recall waking up in the morning hearing Mark and Shane jamming on a new song in the garage below. I got up and put my rig together because I could already hear in my head what I would do in the song. By the time we went home that afternoon ‘Reflection’ was basically written, much to our amazement, as this was a different direction for us.

A few weeks later and it was time to do vocals. We were so happy with ‘Reflection’ that we decided it had to be part of the demo. So, we just took all our shit into the studio and recorded it, as well as all the vocals. Again, this was all done in about 4 hours. (Even with the shitload of time I took to get the end of the solo right!)

Come final mix time, our trip to the city was a nightmare! It was pissing down rain, and a prang on the M4 made us an hour late. The mixing went well enough, however, I still to this day regret not pulling the slightly out of tune vocal harmony out of ‘Reflection’.

This demo was never released because Mark and I went off and made Flesh Test. A project I for one was stoked about, but it all fell into shit in the end. Real life took over from there, so here we are now, some 16 years later, finally releasing the demo, with two bonus songs.. ‘Sepsis’, and ‘Beast’ (which clocks in @ 255 bpm !!!).


Warren Sardelich

P.S. Many thanks to Derek and Quarterpipe Records for this demo being put out there, even after all this time.

Note : Shane Piercy is the brother of
Pat Piercy who’s tracks are also available in our catalogue

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