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19/02/1968 – 30/05/2013

“It was at the end of a Dungeon gig (I can’t remember which, it might have been Blacktown RSL) sometime back in 2001, where fellow Addictive bandmate Mick Sultana approached me & asked if I’d be interested in jamming with him & another bloke. He said they already had a few songs, and the other guy had a heap more. I said ‘sure’, so he took me over to formally introduce me to Pat Piercy. I’d known Pat’s brother Shaneo Ned for years through dealings with Volatile, and I’d heard all about Pat through dealings with Aftermath in the Addictive days, but I’d never really met him.

What occurred in that first jam continued under the working title Emotional Bin Laden. Pat’s ability to write, interpret, compose & play guitar effortlessly was exemplary — he had a riff for everything. Even to this day I cannot help but place him in the highest regard. His ability to finely articulate the fastest of thrash rhythms & mind-blowing lead solos places him amongst the masters of the entireAustralian Metal Scene. He’d always be straight faced, but every time we’d jam a song that felt good I’d see the hint of a smile curl up the side of his mouth.

Mick had left, so Pat & I steered the project through many lineup changes until we called it a day sometime in 2003. During that time we hung out, planned the project & basically talked shit — he became one of the most genuine & upfront persons I’d know. I feel lucky to have been referred to by him as a mate.

RIP, Pat, my friend. I’ll never, ever forget.”
Steve Moore (Enticer, Addictive)


Michael Keating presents ‘Harmonies Of Smashing Limbs’

“A doom-laden intro backed by gothic keys heralds the latest track from Quarterpipe’s own shredmeister extraordinaire Pat Piercy. This time a collaboration with Sydney metal stalwart Mick Sultana (Addictive/Mortal Sin) the two duel away like their lives depend on it reminding me of Becker and Friedman’s Cacophony of the 80s. This is a heavy, heavy, heavy rifforama that would have got Pat a contract with Schrapnel Records if it was 1987. Hail!”


Back in the year 2000, Pat was the driving force behind Sydney death metal band CELL STRUCTURE. Pat has allowed us to bring you these diabolical gems, which of course are drenched in his pyrotechnical signature guitarwork, layed upon blast beats, doom chords and plenty of brutal chuggin’ riffs.


As a youth, Pat was also a high profile and sponsored BMX Freestyle rider. and at his peak was arguably the best in Australia. Pat was regularly featured in magazines & on TV commercials…

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