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Pokket Foxx formed in 1989 around the nucleus of brothers Michael ‘Mike the Spike’ Matesa & Tony ‘Meatax’ Matesa after the disbanding of Sydney thrash band Lazarus.
Dave Gia, an American, was recruited as lead vocalist, and Anthony Brennan (who preferred to be called Ash) completed the line-up on bass guitar.
The guys pursued a Los Angeles hard rock / metal style and recorded 3 tracks.
During this period Tony recorded a solo guitar instrumental track entitled “Requiem” on his 4 track at home. This track speaks volumes of Tony’s musical abilities – keeping in mind that he was only 15 years old at the time of recording. Tony has made this emotional and heartfelt piece available to the public for the first time.

Around 1991 Tony’s reputation as a prodigious metal guitarist earned him a brief stint with Sydney thrashers Mortal Sin.

By 1992, Tony had returned full-time to the fold and Pokket Foxx had a fresh line up with Terry Stanley on bass, and Matt Lowe on vocals.
The band recorded 6 tracks that year.
It should be noted that 1 track from these sessions has been omitted at Tony’s request. This is due to the lyrical content being disrespectful to a former band member.
Eventually, the vocalist and bass positions became vacant again in Pokket Foxx.
Around this time the guys tried a female lead vocalist, and Sydney bassist ‘Vlad the Impaler’ was recruited, however this team would be short lived.

In 1993 the Matesa brothers met a guy named Damien in a pub in Waterloo who was recruited as the new singer.
Along with a gun-for-hire bassist named Richard, this incarnation of the band came together for a concentrated effort that saw the guys write and record 5 songs in 1 or 2 weeks.
At this point that Damien left the group, and also Michael Matesa decided his drumming career had come to an end, which effectively marked the end for Pokket Foxx.
(Michael would take up drumming again in the future)

“Please note : All & any personal nonsense from this period has been omitted to protect the names of the innocent”

Tony would then migrate into one of Richard’s other bands: The Sutherland Shire’s death metal pioneers Sulkus.

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