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Mick Sarantos – Guitar/Vocals
Damian McDonald – Bass
Andy Kirkcaldie – Drums
David Llewellyn – Guitar

Aeons of grubby pubs, busted PA rehearsal rooms, stolen gear, broken relationships,
and severe hangovers have led QUAYLEAF to want to continue playing the music
they love to play.

The 1970s was when bands really wrote songs. The restrictions that have slowly but
…surely compounded the growing lack of originality in rock music were simply not
there in the ’70s. And this where QUAYLEAF draws its song writing philosophy
from. It’s no hippy, psychedelic band though. Asked once what the band sounds like,
guitarist and singer Mick Sarantos responded ‘Slayer’s brother’! Heaviness is God to
these guys.

QUAYLEAF is not a one trick pony by any stretch of the imagination. Versatility
is a principal all of the band members strive for. Each song stands on its own, has
its own flavours, themes, feels and sound. Anything less would be ordinary.
And QUAYLEAF fears that the most.


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