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Resonator is a Symphonic Death Metal band hailing from the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia.
It has already made great achievements such as being number one on multiple charts on in next to little time, being a part of the Metal Matt show, playing with great Australian bands such as Anno Domini, Katabasis, Hemina, Aeon of Horus, Dreadnaught, as well with being friends with current/ex members of Darker Half, Berserkerfox, Daemon Foetal Harvest, Norse, Pegazus, The Australian metal knights and much more.
Resonator’s fan base is known as the Resonation, and while still going through/making its foundations. There is a documentary in the making, which will also show some of the lives that are a part of the Australian metal scene, as well as show the establishments and development of Resonator so far.
Resonator first started when David Laverty wanted to create a heavy metal band, followed by asking his old friend Leo Jarklin (who later left) Elias Aldred Macbeth join on bass but became vocalist soon after, and Oliver Smith (who later left) was discovered and played drums for the band.
A old friend of David and Elias, offered his services as a keyboardist and recommended to/helped develop and make the sound of Resonator, making it style of music it is now, Symphonic 80’s/90’s inspired death metal. Opie (who was working with David and Elias in other bands) played a huge role in working with David to make Resonator have the sound it does now. However due to a change and a different musical direction, Opie had to leave.

While Opie was still in the band however, Christopher Rosiak was discovered after Leo’s departure and joined as the new rhythm guitarist, after Opie left the band, good friend of David’s Eve Nathan was offered a role as the new keyboardist, being able to play allot of the new more difficult music, she has been able to fill a big pair of shoes with her role in the band.

When Oliver Smith left Resonator, the band met Liam Young and for a long time he was the drummer of the band, he was also the guy that introduced Amy Jarman’s bass skills to Resonator, she quickly became the bassist fitting in so well, but shortly had to unfortunately leave, although the band met Wade Cardilini and he became the new bassist, but Liam Young eventually had to leave the band, with his last gig on march 10th 2012, from there onwards, Wade will be the new drummer, and a new bassist will join. Leaving the current line up with these members:

David “Lightning Fingers” Laverty – Lead guitar/backing vocals

Elias Aldred Macbeth – Lead Vocals

Christopher Rosiak – Rhythm guitar

Eve Nathan – Keyboard

Wade Cardilini – Drums

Resonator has a E.P. titled ‘Sporadic’ and with this E.P.’s 4 songs alone the band has gotten allot of recognition, including overseas.

Resonator is working on a new demo which defines the true refined sound of Resonator today, with this demo the band hopes to spread the word and the increase the population of the Resonation further and further.

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