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Slaughter Lord – Tony Noel, Anton Vazquez, Mick Bourke, Steve Hughes

Slaughter Lord have been called a ‘cult thrash metal band’ due to their enduring reputation and legendary status amongst die-hard metalheads the world over. Perhaps the first Australian thrash band to achieve an uncompromising and ferocious sound utilising technical speed and complicated song structures.

The band was formed by Steve Hughes under the name Onslaught, but was changed to avoid a clash with UK group using the same moniker. The original line-up featured Hughes, Burke and Noel plus guitarist Sandy Vahdanni and vocalist Colin Butcher. Claws Mayhem replaced Butcher but was let go within weeks. The line-up consolidated when Vazquez replaced Vahdanni (who would later join Sadistik Exekution) and Noel took up the vocal responsibilities.

Slaughter Lord first played live in February 1986 and recorded the demo “Taste of Blood” while gigging solidly around Sydney, but by 1987 the band had dissolved.

In 2000 Steve Hughes found interest for Slaughter Lord’s recordings in Europe, and released the Thrash til Death compilation CD in 2000.

Both Steve Hughes & Mick went onto international & major label success in other bands, and in other fields.

Many Thanks to Mick Burke for making this release possible

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