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aka Leif Gregory
I learned the axe from Greg Morreli( R.I.P.) ex-NAZXUL and GRUNGEON,
and another guitar god (who works for Guitar World magazine now) when
11, I was 13 and in my first band which some of you may have heard of
called AVRIGUS. Simon Gruer (CRUCIFORM) was on rhythm and vox, I was
on lead axe (as always) can’t remember who was bass but the infamous
Wayne Campbell (MORTAL SIN/GRUNGEON/WHITE TRASH) was on drums.that first ever was amazing, Greg, Red (Frozen Doberman) Alex Hardy
(Mortal Sin) and a few other old schoolers names who allude me atm
were there but I remember looking at Wayne on drums and feeling like I
was in front of 10,000 ppl lol. When I started my own band TOTAL ABUSE
in ’92 I started regularly hanging out with Greg and Campbell, going
green and white from their weed and learning everything I could, Greg
was like an encyclopedia to me, taught me so much about the scene (as
well as Campbell’s invaluable lessons about the muso life). I remember
being no more that 15 years old and he would drive over in his
infamous black Bedford van and lend me his Roland guitar effects unit
for the weekend (as long as Grungeon weren’t rehearsing). Then in 94 I
CARCASS, midway through my stint with AFTERMATH joined DESTRIER the
most brutal tech/death metal band from Australia to come out of the
90’s (As stated in HOT METAL magazine), only Damaged, Sulkus and Blood
Duster came close back then, and we supported DEICIDE. Joined DARK
ORDER for a year when Steve Hughes asked me to play in NAZXUL in
96 .as well as have the honor of jamming with DIMEBAG DARRELL backstage
at Ent. Cent. in Sydney and ended up with him grabbing a poster and
drawing 6 lines with Artline texta and asking me to tab out a Spanish
scale I showed him.

Joined JERK in 99 as well as joining Sulkus but by that point I was
burnt out unfortunately and that never happened though I wish it did,
awesome bands. I learnt all the industrial shit in 97 (I am a huge
Godflesh, FLA and Cubanate fan) from a guy I met with 11 keyboards
connected to 1 slave keyboard into an Atari st with cubase 2.1, a 16
track Yamaha automated mixer and a four track to record vox n guitars
cause hard drive were tiny back then?then in 2001 started playing in
the reformed Sydney death metal band SUFFER learned how to video edit
like a pro from another freak, n together we made a DVD called FUCK
THIS IM GOING TO THE ANNANDALE, which got 4 1/2 stars out of five in
Rolling Stone, and started learning 3ds max and MAYA and so I could
make anything visual possible for the underground music scene but
realized I would have to dedicate my whole life to it so I stopped.
Then 2005 got caught up in an unhealthy relationship, biggest mistake
of life? after that I realized its time to dedicate my entire life to
the ‘RIFF’…. I might be middle-aged but
voices in my head keep directing me to do right by good music, show
these blind kids bout things that haven’t experienced or seen, so have
no concept in the first place of how to write like Jimi Page, Jimi
Hendrix, Eric Clapton, even industrial gods like Front Line Assembly
who are my biggest influence in the industrial music department.

And now to prove to everyone… ITS ALL ABOUT THE RIFF \m/

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