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Founding members
Richard (bass) (1993 – 1999)
Tony ‘Meatax’ Matesa (guitar) (1994/95 – 1999)
Mark Deech (One of the original guitarists … & Ian Moss lookalike)
Sean (vocals) (1993 – 1996)
Roger (drums)

Sulkus was a relatively early entry in the Sydney death metal stakes. The band came into being around 1993 when Formed by Richard. After SULKUS had been playing various gigs around town for a while Tony Matesa joined as hard rock band Pokket Foxx was disbanding, within a couple of months the line up was changed to a one guitarist band with Tony doing all the guitar work. Richard had recently filled in on a Pokket Foxx recording & when the Foxxters split up Tony set his sights on joining another metal outfit. Tony Matesa transitioned across to SULKUS & the near final lineup was formed. Based in the Sutherland Shire, the boys would gig all over Sydney, with highlights being a Shiad support spot at The Metro.

A demo entitled ‘Sensorium’ was recorded in about 1995 & ‘Promo 96’ was recorded the following year, about 600 copies of ‘Promo 96’ were given out to fans. ‘Promo ’96’ was a live to DAT recording with 3 tracks : ‘Thorn’,
‘Embraced’ & ‘Anti-body’.

In 1996 Sean went overseas with an unspecified return date, and Darren Goulding (ex-Misery and Manticore) was recruited on vocals. Darren gave the band as stated by Tony “tonnes of spark with his superior frontman abilities” and turned them into a crushing live band featuring wildly flamboyant guitar acrobatics from Matesa, who had briefly been a member of Mortal Sin in 1990.

1997 saw a 1 off track “Just You And the Pain” included on a local compilation CD

Sulkus was gaining momentum & on the verge of signing a record contract. They guys launched into an exhaustive round of recording sessions. Recording & re-recording the songs over & over again in the pursuit of excellence. Frustratingly, problems with distribution stalled the release of what would have been their 1999 self titled debut. The CD was never released… until now…!

Following a drastic line-up change in late 1999 when Matesa and then Richard left and which saw Jarrod Marchant (guitar) join the fold, their presence waned somewhat and although the new line-up’s sound leaned towards nu-metal Sulkus had all but split up by the end of that year and by early 2000 Sulkus was no more.


Quarterpipe Records would like to give special thanks to Tony ‘Meatax’ Matesa for his invaluable input into what is undoubtedly the most complete account of Sulkus ever compiled. And he has said “all the bands I have been in were a pleasure to be a part of & regardless of any rumours or disagreements I wish everyone well & Sulkus by far was the most full on band I’ve ever hit the stage with!!”

Tony Matesa has retired his services from the music industry as a guitarist, and no longer plays at all – instead opting to move onto new areas and other things in life.

You can also check out his musical offerings prior to Sulkus, which include : Pokket Foxx, & Lazarus.

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