The Blindfolds

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The Blindfolds are:

Blind Al – vocals, guitar, slide guitar, harmonica
F. M. Laing – bass, vocals
Captain Awesome – guitar
The Professor – drums and percussion

The Blindfolds

With a subtle yet earth-shattering portfolio of roots and rhythm, garage and psychedelia, the Blindfolds could be setting the night on fire at a place near you.

Their repertoire ranges from electric swamp country to Chicago blues, from rock & roll to semi-rural stomps, from proto-punk to the yawed shimmy shake.

And back again.

In the world of the Blindfolds, the Flying Burrito Brothers live just upstairs from the Pixies, and every Saturday night they get together for a hootenanny joined by their good buddies Howlin’ Wolf and Lux Interior. Keith pours the drinks.

Or something like that.

Combining an eclectic assortment of original material showcased on the snarling, moaning debut album Nasy Canasta with their unique brand of rockin’ covers the Blindfolds’ sole aim is to throw a big bad mess.

Oh yes, friends, a night with the Blindfolds is exciting, ragged, glorious. A night with the Blindfolds is the ticket to the shit.

The Blindfolds earnestly and genuinely wish to pitch a wang dang doodle all night long at any available opportunity.

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